It is my immense pleasure to state something about Zam Law Associates services , specially the free advice was given to me really straightforward within the parameter of  Immigration Law. The way of explain the procedure and consequences induce me to handover over my case to Mr Hussain.  I have been informed so regularly over the phone , email and letter is look so caring, Mr Hussain always involvement at each stage of preparation of  my Settlement on the basis of my Tier1 General.

I am very thankful and recommend their services to my friends   because of their caring behaviour and professionalism.

Mohammad Hamid



I  and my family have been taken their services since 2012, all of them get their status. Zam Law always provided good advice without fee  and charge after work and their fee is very completive.

Zam law is the  best immigration law firm in my opinion. If you want the best lawyers working on your case, this is the place.

I visited to many lawyer in the area including Mr Zaheer Hussain who   provided me best advice for my Human right case where I was briefed  very comprehensively without given guarantee. I like his sincere advice,. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. From the first conversation, he correctly predicted what to anticipate in my case. His expertise gave me confidence to continue with the firm, immediately after I talked with him.

There were many phase in my case, lot of time Home Office asked new proof and explanation, in which way I was dealt and my letter drafted to the Home Office were amazing and impressive.

Eventually, I was granted Discretion leave to Remain which is purely struggle of Zam Law and I personally recommend to everyone to hand over their future to sincere immigration firm like Zam Law Associate to avoid any disappointment.

Naeem Ali and Family


My visa was refused and i was told to leave the country in next 14 days so i looked online for solicitor who is good at immigration matters and  then I was recommended one of my friends to contact Zam Law Associates. I can share level of my satisfaction when I first day I went to their office and the responsible adviser took nearly 2 hours to go through each and every things with me , they explained me all the possible way what is merit and what is demerit in my case. They prepared my grounds of appeal and file the notice of appeal which was a fantastic and covering the each point of the refusal and that I was referred and on the basis of the initial work of Zam law associates, I was granted my residency card for 5 years. I specially want to mention the way of their drafting the arguments were excellent which could not be done my first and last representative. I recommend the services of Zam Law Associates.

Mrs Khokhar


I was given discretion leave in 2012 and a further extension in 2015 till end of January 2018. I was told by my last representative that at the end of visa in January 2018, I will be able to apply for ILR provided I pass life in the UK test and English Test equal to B1 CERF which was very hard for me as I attempted many times but failed.  I went to several law firms working in field of providing Immigration services if there is any chance to get settlement without life in the UK test, everybody told it is mandatory requirements to provide Life in UK and English Test to get the ILR. Then I was introduced one of my friend to Zam Law Associates, where I met to  Mr Z Hussain who took a comprehensive interview from me and enquired about the date of each visa in detail then he recommended me to get the SAR report to see the basis and dates of visa, as the SAR report arrive, he advise me that they can get my visa without life in the UK test  and English test, which was a sign relief for me. Zam Law Associates advise me for premium services and they booked the appointment at Sheffield in November 2017, Mr Hussain prepared my case and went with me at Sheffield Home Office, where he explained the case very nicely without any confusion and I was granted my settlement without life in the UK and English test. I really impressed the way he listened to me from the first day and worked sincerely within the reasonable fee and I am thankful to Zam Law Associates.


Mr M Rehman

Zam Law provided us excellent services throughout my difficult time and thanks good   we all family got our status and we are very happy with Mr Hussain . He always cooperated us and deal us like a family . We recommend their services in every immigration matter. He is really reasonable person to deal our immigration matter.

M Bilal